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Worth it? Why Tide is not cool

What’s so bad about laundry detergents anyway? Why bother buying a green detergent?

A few things that are  not cool about conventional detergents:

  • Companies are not legally required to disclose all ingredients, and most choose not to.
  • Synthetic Surfactants. These suds-makers biodegrade  slowly, and will stay in our water ways for a very long time. Did I mention they are made from petroleum? They  also have a very high biological toxicity, according to an English study they have been shown to increase growth of breast cancer cells and also make boy fish more like girl fish. So weird and wrong.
  • Artificial fragrances, these are bad always, again made from petroleum, toxic effects on animals are not clear yet…
  • Optical brightners,  maybe let’s work on getting our clothes brighter without being toxic to fish.

Good news:

  • Most detergents come in concentrated versions now, because really why would we want to pay money for a bottle that is 3/4 water anyway, try to buy the detergent with the least amount of packaging.
  • Plant based surfactants ( biodegradable and safe)  are being used by greener laundry options like Method.
  • Can’t beat local and cheap! Try Down East Liquid Laundry

To skip detergent every now and then try these tips

  • Soak whites in hot water with lemons for a few hours instead of bleach (discard lemons before putting them in the washing machine)
  • Use baking soda. While I use detergent with my cloth diapers, I always through in some baking soda for a little extra kick, my sister uses only baking soda.
  • Try a recipe to make home-made laundry detergent

Funny story, In the 1960s, when surfactants began to gain in popularity detergent manufacturers  battled over who had the longest lasting suds. This led to suds  appearing in streams, rivers, lakes, and 8 feet of  strangely  colored bubbles at the foot of Niagara Falls. Was this a hint that what we use in our homes goes directly back into the environment?

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Oh and by the way Green Laundry detergents are WORTH IT! I like Method free and clear detergent, my favorite part is no measuring, you just squirt it in!!


Laundry & Organic

So today was shopping day.

After a tip from a friend I found a bin of Sunlight Green Clean detergent on sale for $2.99 a bottle!

The bottle is small so they are on the right track as far as packaging goes. Then I decided to further investigate the “green” and “includes plant based ingredients” claim. There are 6 ingredients that I can’t pronounce and the only natural thing on that list is coconut oil!

For example Triethanolamine. An article on Science Direct states “Monoethanolamine (MEA), diethanolamine (DEA) and triethanolamine (TEA) are compounds with potential acute, sub-chronic and chronic toxicity effects towards aquatic species.”

It is biodegradable in 28 days though?

At least it  encourages folks to clean with cold water.

All in all a step in the right direction but better luck next time for an even greener laundry detergent…maybe Method?  They have ingredients that are all safe!

Also on my list this week was to switch something over to organic, I went for applesauce, pretty straight forward, tastes the same as applesauce at a cost of $2 for 6 packs for lunches. I was surprised that I wasn’t able to find a large container of organic applesauce so that I could re-use my own small containers…

The last thing on my list for this week was Tupperware, as I let my husband know, I’m not buying anymore plastic bags!  According to many online resources about  500 billion plastic bags are used worldwide every year. Then those 500 billion bags (not only sandwich but all bags) take about 300
years to photodegrade.

If you’re not a huge fan of Tupperware ( mine is plastic #5 which can be recycled curb side in P.E.I.) then another alternative is re-usable sandwich bags. They have tones of them at Etsy.  Yet another super cool product is the Goodbyn Lunchbox for kids (I purchased mine from  Although super cool and eco-friendly this lunch box is a little large and I’m saving mine until A is in grade 2, since this year it doesn’t really fit into his backpack….

Totals for this week/ second week of  O.I.M.C.

  • $15 Tupperware
  • $2 organic applesauce
  • $3 for a “greener” laundry detergent


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