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Dollarstore Eco?

I was at the Dollarstore the other day and as always my eyes were scanning and searching for green items.  I have never hip checked a kid before, but  that tween stood between me and my eco-friendly future! She was blocking the  Envirosticks! I want it!Luckily she moved on before there was a confrontation….

Envirosticks, they must be green!! Ohhh, something I will use, is super cheap and it looks eco friendly!  This a perfectly guilt free purchase! Sigh, what every shopaholic/ecoholic dreams about. Why get so worked up about pencils? That’s just who I am.

Anyway upon closer inspection on their website I decided to grade them and see if they are really a good eco buy or not.


  • made from sustainably grown forests
  • uses non toxic ink to put print on pencils
  • when it gets down to the nubby bit, you can recycle the little metal piece and compost the eraser
  • They are also great to write with, and with my son in grade 1 now we use pencils ALOT
  • CON
  • While they use sustainable forests, why cut down any trees at all when you can make pencils out of recycled materials, like O’BON.
  • They are also pretty boring to look at, next time I’m looking to but some eco pencils, I think I’ll spice it up a little with these super cute designs, also from O’BON.
  • The package is mainly plastic,  why would you bother to make a recyclable pencil with a package that ends up in the trash?

So Envirosticks turned out to be a decent eco buy for the dollarstore, but if I was paying full price I would choose a recycled alternative.

While I was at the dollarstore, I also found some bamboo elastics. While I really did know better, that bamboo production for textile like things is not that eco friendly, I was on a roll and bought them anyway. I always need elastics for my little girls’ hair and at least the package was made from recycled material! I have not come across any other eco friendly hair elastics, so if you know of someone who sells them let me know!


Green Your Fall Fashions 2010!

This weekend I was inspired by the 7th annual Ethical Fashion show that’s going on right now in Paris as well as this months Green Moms Carnival , hosted this month by Diane MacEachern of Big Green Purse.

I wanted to come up with a few ways to squeeze eco fashion into my wardrobe right now.  FOR CHEAP.

Thrift Stores

Thrifty finds, photo courtesy of Alison DesRoches

In my opinion thrift or vintage stores may be the best tool to green your fashions. By thrift shopping you are extending the life cycle of a garment,

Samantha Pleet AW10 (Via: samanthapleet, ecouterre)

keeping it out of land fills and sometimes getting a great fashion boost for your closet! Here is one example of how a cheap thrift  store find easily compares to a Samantha Pleet design. For a very quick and cheap pick me up for your closet for fall, search  a thrift shop for  something in one of the hottest shades, textures or patterns of the season. This season look out for anything red, animal print or fur-inspired. (Do not buy real fur unless it’s at a thrift store, pretty sure that was obvious anyway…)


Host a clothing swap, there is no faster or cheaper way to update your wardrobe than to have a clothing swap with your friends. If you’re not the same size extend the swap to shoes, jewelry and accessories. If you don’t have any friends with similar taste in fashion try joining an online swap site such as Swap Style, there is something for everyone there!

If you are a Martha Stewart wanna-be

Show your skills by  whipping up something cozy like these recycled wool mittens by Canadian designer Susan Harris.

Susan Harris Design

If you’re like me and don’t have a crafty bone in your body, check out for all kinds of home-made and eco-friendly finds.  Like  this  earth happy scarf I came across!

You’re a hoody loving girl (like me)

I love this hoody from Nomads Hemp wear! If you happen to live in your favorite hoody, like me,  I feel like it is okay to spend a little extra for a gorgeous eco option like this one!

7 steps to a fall fashion overhaul for your closet

  • When you don’t know where to start when updating your wardrobe start by looking online at designers like Covet or in magazines (that you will recycle!) for inspiration.
  • Once you have a good idea of the look you want to achieve, first go to your closet and take stock of what you have.
  • Sort your clothes into piles of what is working for you, and what you can live without.
  • Organize a swap or sign up online to Swap Style to see first what you can get (and give) for free.
  • Check out Thrift stores or Ebay for pre-loved lower-priced pieces.
  • Buy retail eco-friendly materials for items you still absolutely need.
  • Enjoy your beautiful green wardrobe and you get to do it all over again in the Spring!!

More Ideas on how to green your fall click here.

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