Dollarstore Eco?

I was at the Dollarstore the other day and as always my eyes were scanning and searching for green items.  I have never hip checked a kid before, but  that tween stood between me and my eco-friendly future! She was blocking the  Envirosticks! I want it!Luckily she moved on before there was a confrontation….

Envirosticks, they must be green!! Ohhh, something I will use, is super cheap and it looks eco friendly!  This a perfectly guilt free purchase! Sigh, what every shopaholic/ecoholic dreams about. Why get so worked up about pencils? That’s just who I am.

Anyway upon closer inspection on their website I decided to grade them and see if they are really a good eco buy or not.


  • made from sustainably grown forests
  • uses non toxic ink to put print on pencils
  • when it gets down to the nubby bit, you can recycle the little metal piece and compost the eraser
  • They are also great to write with, and with my son in grade 1 now we use pencils ALOT
  • CON
  • While they use sustainable forests, why cut down any trees at all when you can make pencils out of recycled materials, like O’BON.
  • They are also pretty boring to look at, next time I’m looking to but some eco pencils, I think I’ll spice it up a little with these super cute designs, also from O’BON.
  • The package is mainly plastic,  why would you bother to make a recyclable pencil with a package that ends up in the trash?

So Envirosticks turned out to be a decent eco buy for the dollarstore, but if I was paying full price I would choose a recycled alternative.

While I was at the dollarstore, I also found some bamboo elastics. While I really did know better, that bamboo production for textile like things is not that eco friendly, I was on a roll and bought them anyway. I always need elastics for my little girls’ hair and at least the package was made from recycled material! I have not come across any other eco friendly hair elastics, so if you know of someone who sells them let me know!


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  1. Posted by Benny on October 8, 2010 at 10:05 am

    Also, what about the jet fuel to ship those pencils halfway around the world to get to the store.. which you then spend gas to get to?
    Maybe a mechanical pencil made of recycled plastic would be a better choice.. then you only have to buy the lead refills, hopefully in bulk to reduce packaging…? does this even exist?
    Oh school supplies.. seeing my cousin prepare for her wee lad’s first grade beginnings made me cringe.
    But at least I found a very local creator of re-useable fabric snack and sandwich bags at the Farm in the City day (she also has a website). 😉
    Now let’s see if I can convince my manly man to take them in his lunch box when he starts the new job this month…


    • I know, you win some, you lose some. The only issue with mechanical pencil’s is that they can’t take them to school in grade 1 and I’ll have to look into whether or not they are actually that eco-friendly….If I could sew I would so make man-friendly reusable bags with like cool bands or something on them. Although my manly-man will not take reusable bags he will take tupperware and a stainless steel water bottle!


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