Barbie against the World (Barbie is winning)

I received my package from Raspberry Kids yesterday filled with great eco conscious toys that I will store away for my kids until Christmas. I think half the reason I like to Christmas shop early is so that I have a viable excuse to shop.

As a seasoned online shopaholic (ask my post office lady..) I used to think that the key to guilt free shopping was simply rationalization. I would see a product I thought was cute, then I would convince myself that I did NEED it, for one non sensical reason or another. Not anymore, now that I’m on my green mission I have to factor in so many other variables. Is the product itself safe for my environment, will it last, I wonder what the manufacturing process is like, what about the packaging, is it wasteful? Then the biggest question “Do I (or my kids) really NEED it?”. I believe that a lot about saving our resources comes from not buying what we don’t need.
BUT I NEEDed this huge box of toys, after all one of the perks of being a Mom is watching your kids on Christmas Morning!
I was so excited I couldn’t wait to busy my kids with a movie so I could sneak behind closed doors to check out the toys. First thing that impressed me right off was the hand written thank you note from the company, included in it a  bag of raspberry herbal tea. How thoughtful. That is the kind of company I want to buy from. All the toys look fantastic!

Then I stashed the box away with my previously bought Christmas toys from a sale at Toys R Us earlier in the year. I put my daughters new tea set (made from  recycled plastic milk jugs and packaged in recycled corrugated boxes with no plastics, cellophane or twist-ties, and it is 100% recyclable) away right next to the Barbie convertible I bought. Hmmm, not so eco-friendly right? Well I wrote to them because maybe they have a plan or something. WRONG. They wrote back to me very quickly, they asked if I was a member of the press or a consumer. When I wrote back consumer, they did not write back to me so quickly, instead dropped off the face of the earth, apparently, because I’ve not heard anything more from them.

I took a look at Mattel’s annual report,  they sure have high hopes for cashflow and profits. What a  Surprise. Although they do appear to be a pretty ethical company, their sustainability definitely needs work. They talk alot about the future, but don’t we need to become more sustainable now in order to get to this bright future?  They did celebrate earth day, and changed 1 building to a more eco-friendly facility. What drives me crazy is that the change of packaging would make so much difference.

In the opening statement Robert A. Eckert  (chairman and chief executive officer) states that they are working towards minimizing their environmental impact. Let’s see it! Barbie needs a new house with a windmill, some solar panels or even a recycling box!

Like it or not Barbie is a part of our culture and little girls learn so much from her! Until I want to lock my kids in the house and not let them see any advertisements, they are going to want Barbie and other non-eco friendly toys.

For this year, I’m on a mission to green at least 1/3 of my Christmas gifts!


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