Green Light at the Grocery Store

With each passing week I’m finding it easier and easier to buy green. It’ s like a new light has been installed at my grocery store and suddenly I can see all kinds of organic and eco-friendly options.

This week I spent $60 (that’s 1/3 of my weekly budget) on greener products. I won’t go into detail about all of them but organic chips, popcorn, soup, cracker, yogurt, butter etc.  All stand up to the non organic competitors with similar or better taste. One product that I did buy (since I had a $1 off coupon) was Seventh Generation Dish soap. I previously had Clorox Greenworks, which was okay but I wanted better! Seventh Generation dishsoap is so fantastic, costs $3.99, it produces a formitable amount of bubbles and smells so good I could almost drink the dishwater.

SO week 4 grocery shopping totals for One in a Million Challenge $60.

That brings my 4 week total to $283 (my goal is to shift $1000 this year).


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