Green-ing our junk food

I was out shopping yesterday in search of “Greener” junk food. I found PC Fairtrade Milk chocolate ($2.79,they have it in dark too), Organic corn chips ($2.50)  and organic salsa($2.99). The prices of these products are too good to pass up!

My husband is quite enthusiastic when it comes to his junk food, so he is the best taste tester I could have possibly asked for. Plus he’s sometimes a little skeptical of these “green” products.  That changed pretty quickly as I noticed him grabbing  handfuls of corn chips every time he walked by the cupboard, and devouring them with salsa. He told me that the chocolate was delicious. I think the fact that it’s fair trade makes it taste event better!

On another note, have you noticed that Sun Chips bags are now 100% compostable? I wrote to Frito-Lay to let them know they’re on the right track and encourage them to get all their chips in compostable bags!


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