Bye Bye Kit Kat

Happy Labor day everyone,  this weekend I was lucky enough to enjoy some delicious organic fruits and veggies as well as sample some organic wine.  I purchased a bottle of 2009  Cono Sur Cabernet Sauvignon, which is  produced (certified) organically in Valle de Colchagua, Chile.  This has very quickly become my #1 red wine!! Delicious and certified carbon-neutral delivery AND a label made from recycled paper to boot!  I can’t complain about my weekend! Getting to enjoy all these organic treats, got me thinking about another one of my faves, chocolate.

I will pretty much take chocolate in any form, hot, dark, milk, I have even been known to eat a bag of chocolate chips, straight from the bag.

I have never given much thought to where the chocolate came from, how it was grown, harvested or produced. Turns out Nestle, maker of my favorite Kit Kat, as well as Mirage bars and (tear)Häagen-Dazs ice cream gets most or all of their cocoa from West Africa’s Ivory Coast.  Didn’t I hear something about the Ivory Coast and child labor? Yep that’s right, now when I look at a delicious Kit Kat bar all I can see is the process of how the chocolate came to be though inhumane conditions and slave labor so that the cocoa can be sold cheap- to Nestle.  I wrote to Nestle to urge them to support organic and fair trade cocoa! Click here to do the same.

I don’t want to stop eating Kit Kat’s but if  no change is made I have no choice. Now my grocery mission is  clear this week. Fair Trade  chocolate here I come.  Read more about more humane chocolate choices @ Big Green Purse.


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  1. Just to update, I noticed that Dairy Milk chocolate bars by Cadbury went fair trade in Canada. Great first step!!


  2. […] had  made a  decision to buy only fair trade chocolate after my Bye Bye Kit Kat post so it really sucked when I broke down last night and in addition to my fair trade […]


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