PC Organics @ Superstore

Week 3 is upon me for my going green grocery shopping.  I always plan to read labels carefully and pay attention to what I buy…however 2 minutes into my shopping trip with 3 kids that intention gets thrown out the window. So I buy what’s on my list  as quick as humanly possible and get the hell out of the store!  That’s why buying green is a trial and error kind of thing for me. I was happy to see that I came in right on budget this week although I changed 7 things to organic!

This week I decided to try out some Presidents Choice Organic products.

  • Baby cereal and rice rusks, same price/size as Heinz baby cereal I usually get, $7 for 2, Rice rusks same as mum mums I normally get, $2.50. The box that the cereal  is  packaged in is much more convenient too! Baby M did not notice a difference that he complained about
  • Organic bananas ,$1.78 for 6.
  • Organic coffee ,$4.49 for 300g, I was originally looking for Organic, Fair trade, and shade grown but this PC organic gourmet coffee was the closest that I saw on my 15 seconds that I was allowed to stop the cart.
  • Oatmeal, $3.29 for 1kg, that’s pretty cheap if you usually buy instant.
  • Strawberry jam which is so delicious!! A little more expensive ,$2.99 for 235 ml, but totally worth it, especially since every time I give my kids a pb and j sandwich I remember how strawberries were listed #6 (out of 45)  for their pesticide load. GROSS.
  • Plus I counted my visit to SpringWillow Organic farm where I got broccoli and string beans for $4, oh and very yummy, did I mention that?

That’s $31.45  towards my One in a Million Challenge

I did notice that none of the PC organic products I bought were in recycled/ eco-friendly packaging and was surprised to see that my Christie Honey Made Graham crackers box is 100% recycled material! So I wrote to PC to urge them to change their packaging and you should too! They will have to listen if enough people want change!


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