Holy toxins!

As parents we all know to make sure our plastics are bisphenol A (BPA) free, but most of us have no issues with feeding our kids an apple that’s been rinsed. But really if you sprayed that apple with Raid and then washed it off would you want to feed that to your kids? Not likely but that is pretty much what we’re doing by not feeding our kids organic fruits and veggies..One study stated that by feeding children organic foods they will have 1/6 of the amount of carcinogens in their blood.
A $25 million study, funded by the European Union proved that up to 40% more antioxidants could be found in organic fruit and vegetables than in produce grown using pesticides!
Check out this website to prioritize what fruits and vegetables we should be replacing first.

I stopped in today at Springwillow farms to pick up some organic veggies. YUM. I also came across these great organic farms on P.E.I, Emmerdal Eden Farm in Summerside and Soy Hardy Farm in Alberton. You can also check out this map of P.E.I. which shows all the organic farms! If you want to find an organic farm in a different province http://www.cog.ca/ is the website to visit.

Make sure to check out lots of great organic food on Victoria Row this Sunday 12pm-10pm!


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