Method Cleaner & Cloth Diapers

Last  week  my product of choice to switch  was Method all purpose cleaner, I chose it for 3 reason 1) It smells so fantastic (french lavender) 2)It only cost $4 3) It’s biodegradable, no more toxic chemicals for MY multi purpose cleaner, CHECK. I bought this at my normal grocery store but you can also get it online! Oh and also it is a really great cleaner, I actually went a little crazy when I first got it and searched everywhere for grease spots to clean. Love it. I should also mention that I don’t work for this company I’m just really enjoying this cleaner!

Last week I also decided to finally take the leap to cloth diapers! My youngest is 8 months old, and I also have a 6 year old and a 2 1/2 year old who is still working on potty training.

You might be wondering why after not using cloth diapers for almost 7 years switch now? If you saw the amount of diapers that go into my garbage can EVERY day! If you consider that we change our babies about 5-7 times a day that’s about 2500 diapers a year for 1 baby! So even if I’m only saving 5000 diapers from ending up in a landfill that’s good enough for me!

Oh by the way it takes about 500 years for diapers to decompose according to and US EPA website.

Remember if your choosing cloth diapers it’s probably a good idea to switch to an eco-friendly laundry soap as well otherwise you’re not making garbage but you’re putting extra chemicals back into the environment. Laundry soap is on my list….

So I’ve been on cloth diapers for almost a week now and I love it!

I ordered my diapers from The Cloth Diaper Shop and they were fantastic, great customer service and even a little free sample of Rockin’ Green Detergent. That stuff is a little expensive so I’m currently on the hunt for something that will work a little better with my budget! So in combination with flushable liners, and inserts that I switch out (but keep the same diaper cover) cloth diapers have so far been a success!

Totals for last week/First week of one in a million challenge

  • $4 method cleaner
  • $150 cloth diapers
  • $154 towards O. I. M. C.

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